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Solar Rectangular LED Warning Light

Configuration & Principle

The LEDs are arranged on both sides and in front and behind so that they can be in line with the internal light source cap, and light is emitted through the diffusion lens of the light source cap.

  • Solar Module: Solar Power
  • LED: internal light source
  • Light source cap: Light diffusion
  • Red / Blue Case: Protecting internal parts


  • Maintain long-term function with power generation of small solar module by maximizing power control efficiency with self-control system
  • Selected use of ultra-high-brightness LED devices and use of genuine cases and parts guarantee stable operation for at least 5 years


Politic effects

  • Acquisition of effective authority with high quality
  • Minimized adverse effects such as power waste, electric shock, light pollution, pests

Driver perception

  • Provide superior visibility distance
  • Non-standard flashing pattern improves attention

Installation and Operation

  • No electricity input work required
  • Outstanding durability / stability
  • Ease of maintenance

Product configuration

Control flow diagram

  • Low power drive, use of diffusion cap, optimal light emission
  • Reverse current prevention of LED light source

Installation pictures