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Core technologies

Low power drive

Offered values

Low power consumption

Electricity generated by solar cell generator

  • No electricity required
  • No power line dependent electricity consumption
  • Maximizing LED device life
  • Low-voltage operation
  • Solution for installation constraints
  • Reduced maintenance costs and zero Co2 emissions
  • Realization of long product life
  • Prevention of electric shock from pedestrian or management personnel
  • Prevention of fire hazard due to overcurrent / short circuit

Realization Method

Optical fiber
Internal lighting
Maximization of light transmission efficiency93% 15%
LED pixel maximization per element50 pixel1 pixel
Concentration of light intensity in the operating viewing angle (standard / effective)60 ̊ / 4070180
  • The greater the contrast of the pattern vs the background, the better night visibility / readability
  • In the case of luminescent safety signs, black background is recommended (US Federal Road Administration)
  • The ratio of internal lighting patterns and background illumination is regulated to be from 10: 1 to 20: 1 (US Federal Road Administration)
  • LED array, shape of optical fiber holder, and optical fiber cutting are optimized→ minimization of LED quantity
  • Current control → LED temperature maintenance → LED internal resistance maintenance → overcurrent shutdown
  • Minimized power consumption of control system itself → improvement of electric consumption efficiency by 30%

Comparison of luminescence technologies

(Φ900 circle)
luminescence typesLED+Optical fiberLED protrusionLED and module combinationLED Backlight-
Power Consumption
1.5w (high)
10W (middle)*393W/180W(low)**36W (low)Φ5 LED 25mm spacing
Single line basis
** 100% / 50% on
Solar power application
(Solar / battery capacity)
10W / 12Ah (high)70W / 100Ah (middle)1,190W / 1,470Ah (low)200W / 300Ah (low)14 hr / day
for 7 sunless days
* 180W standard
Electricity facility costSolar (solar electron) type
No electricity required
No restrictions on installation location
400,000won per electricity input 50m / When exceeding 60,000won per 1m-
Electricity chargesNoYes-
StabilityDC 12V usage.
No risk of electric shock
AC 220V usage. In case of rainy weather or construction work, it is necessary to take measures against electric shock-
Night images

Luminescence quality

Offered values

Optical fiber pattern illumination

Acquisition of optimal luminescence quality

  • Night view distance / reading distance increase
  • High quality of accurate sign information
  • High discrimination and attraction
  • Reduced dazzling and light scattering
  • Improved driver’s awareness / predictability
  • Driver’s respect for sign information
  • Increased frequency of driver’s attention to signs
  • Driving vision protection / driver-friendly

Realization methods

  • Narrow angle → suppression of diffused emission (distant luminous flux drop) → Superior long-range visibility and readability
  • Limitation of lateral illumination → No unnecessary information disclosure to unauthorized drivers (especially regulatory signs)
  • Strong straightness → Transmission of precise information regardless of condensation / fog / rain
  • Repeated total reflection inside the optical fiber during light transmission → Minimize driver’s visual stimulus
  • Fine line / surface array of optical fiber → Optimized layout design → Transmission of clear sign information
  • Small surface area (1Φ) per pixel → Low surface tension → Maintains bright illumination even with severe contamination
  • Specialized luminous system for signs→ Differentiated from commercial signs → High discrimination power / attraction
  • Selection of LED elements → Optical / electrical optimization of light source → Prevention of deterioration of brightness / color in time
  • Accurate LED array → Minimize light intensity deviation between pixels → High quality homogeneous line / surface illumination
  • Stimulating LED direct rays are dispersed to multiple pixels→ solution for dazzling / light blurring

Viewing Distance / Reading Distance

Viewing Distance TestDivisionSpeed limit signRemarksRight bendRemarks
Opitical fiber signExisting signOpitical fiber signExisting sign
Reading Distance TestDivisionSpeed limit signRemarksRight bendRemarks
Opitical fiber signExisting signOpitical fiber signExisting sign
  • Source: Traffic Data Book 2005-1 Volume 15, Luminescent type traffic safety sign using optical fiber and solar cell’ (Road Traffic Authority / Traffic Science Institute)
  • Viewing distance: 200 ~ 250m more than existing signs (2.1 ~ 2.2 times)
  • Reading distance: 60 ~ 150m more than existing signs (1.5 ~ 2.5 times)

Durability & Stability

Offered Values

Light source / Light emitting part dualization

Acquisition of electrical / physical durability

  • At least 10 years of life span
  • Minimization failure/malfunction → Maintenance of quality
  • Prevention of information distortion by partial failure
  • Minimization of maintenance times
  • Acquisition of economic value for investment
  • Improvement of driver compliance
  • Shortened reading time
  • Reduction of accident risk and road control during repair

Realization method

  • Electric flow (battery ~ LED socket) and light flow (optical fiber bundle ~ sign pixels) dualization
  • The sign frame and the light emitting part (optical fiber) are physically bonded  (integration)
    → the possibility of failure in the light emitting system within the life of optical fiber is rare (20 years)
  • LED socket internalization → external UV / heat / moisture / vibration prevention → LED function retention
  • Minimize the LED quantity under the same lighting condition → Solution for heat damage due to increase of LED quantity
  • Selection of LED devices → Prevention of irregular overcurrent → Long life of LED
  • Focusing on one bundle of multi-pixel optical fibers → Preventing distortion of sign information by gap
  • Specialized overcharge / overdischarge / backflow prevention → Maintain optimal life of battery and solar module
  • Current input is fine-tuned by each LED → LED driving maintains constant → LED life optimization
  • Minimize system maintenance power / Adopt active heat dissipation structure of circuit part → Stable electric control
  • Self-program based electrical system control → Current / voltage flow optimization of each component


Offered values

Maintenance-fit product design

Maintenance realization

  • All maintenance possible with pillar attachment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Acquisition of economic value for maintenance
  • Realistic maintenance guaranteed
  • Avoiding sign blank by desorption
  • Minimized risk of accidents and road control during maintenance
  • Elimination of failure neglection

Realization method

  • Physical integration structure of sign and optical fiber → Sufficient tolerance for UV / heat / moisture / vibration
  • Fiber optic material life expectancy over 20 years → more than usual sign life (up to 12 years)
  • Electrical maintenance of the light emitting system is unnecessary → Preventing disassembly of signs and frames
  • Complex light emitting part (optical fiber bundle ~ sign optical fiber holder) vs simple electric part (LED socket ~battery)
    → The maintenance range is limited to electric part
  • Concentration of inspection window of optical fiber bundle → Simplification of LED socket replacement (5 ~ 10 years cycle) through inspection window
  • Simple LED socket design → Minimized difficulty and time required for LED socket replacement work
  • Separation and dualization of light source and control box → Concentration of control box of battery, control system, etc.
  • External independent installation (pillar) of control box → Easy battery replacement (2 to 4 year cycle)
  • Replace IC when upgrading control system → Actively cope with weather change and technological progress

Technical Competitiveness


High durability safety signs

High durability in fog, desert, icy road, and rain (waterproof)


Road safety environment

Share road environment through wireless communication / real-time / IoT


Extended design

Sensors for smog / curved road / road congestion