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Road sign

Suggested background

  • Inducement of the driver’s awareness of the signs and prompt judgments
  • Since it is necessary to accomplish complicated driving tasks such as destination search, acceleration / deceleration, and lane change, it is recommended that signs with high visibility readability are provided so that the visibility distance and the reading distance can be increased.
  • In the case of an exit sign for a linked road ramp, luminescent type signs that are distinct are appropriate.
  • Active luminescent type signs that can overcome bad weather conditions such as night condensation, freezing and fog are necessary.

Expected effects

  • Provide clear information for the selection of lane appropriate for the driver and direction
  • More secure traffic conditions through night visibility and maximum readability
  • Provide sufficient forecasting power for the route and method of travel to the destination
  • Specialized attraction that is distinct from nighttime urban facilities or lighting
  • Minimize driver’s perception and interpretation of signs


Installation pictures