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Rotary intersection


  • Effective intersection entry and exit, slowing down, and yielding must be executed
  • It is unfamiliar to the drivers, so it is important to provide clear promotional information about rotary intersection.
  • Drivers must check the exit, change lanes, and etc. during driving, so signs with attraction and visibility are needed.
  • Checking the exit from the curved surface should be performed in a short time, so it is suitable for the sign to be with high attraction / visibility / readability
  • Since safe driving at rotary intersection starts with the appropriate entry into lanes, it is essential to classify and guide the incoming vehicle to the destination with the installation of the with fiber optic luminescent type designating sign.

Expected effects

Increased stability

  • Provide promotional information by installing high attraction signs before entering the intersection
  • Since the revolving vehicle has priority, the entering vehicle has to reduce the speed even if there is no signal, and it is safer
  • Reduced traffic accidents when rotary intersection is installed

Smooth flow of traffic and improved crossing speed

  • Continuous vehicle entry is possible
  • The traffic volume at crossroads can increase, but the intersection lag decreases and the passing speed increases

Energy saving and environment improvement

  • Reduced fuel consumption due to no idling while stopping to get a signal -> reduced air pollution
  • Traffic management system that can be implemented continuously with low-cost, high-efficiency traffic improvement measures

Example of a rotary intersection

Example 1 road sign + traffic safety sign

Example 2 road sign + traffic safety sign

Example 3 road sign


Installation pictures