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How is it different from a regular sign?

Unlike ordinary signs using retro-reflective sheeting that allow you to identify with passive reflection light from vehicle headlights, our signs are self-illuminating at night, so they look sharp and clear from the distance without the headlight light.

Which roads do you usually install on?

  • Our signs are often installed on dangerous roads with frequent accidents. These roads are often bendy, curving downhill, suddenly narrowing or joining. Our signs are installed in sections that are very complex or where the driver may have difficulty driving for similar reasons.
  • Our signs are also installed in sections where there are many pedestrians or where there is a need for protection of pedestrians. Signs are installed in many places such as children protection zone, senior citizen protection zone, life road, and bicycle exclusive use road.
  • Signs are also installed in areas where there is a high risk of accidents caused by driver mistakes. For example, there are signs that prevent vehicles from entering the main intersection, signs in front of a rotary, and signs in front of intersections that designate lanes.
  • In recent years, there have been more installations in roads where fog and condensation often occur. Important signs, such as exit signs and caution signs, are installed in these areas.

I want to know the price for each product.

It can be found at the Public Procurement Service’s National Market and Price Information.

For further information, please contact us.

Why is the price relatively high?

  • Our product is not a regular sign but a sign facility. Therefore, it is cannot be compared with general signs.
  • Although the price is rather high, the demand for our products is gradually increasing. It is clear from our perspective that it is difficult to replace all signs with our products, but it is clear that there have been substantial reductions in accidents and increased traffic efficiency and driver comfort when installed in hazardous or critical locations.
  • Our products are more expensive than LED signs or interior lighted signs. However, we are confident that our product is sufficiently economic in terms of effectiveness and performance as well as the long-term maintenance without failure.

What are the pillar and installation costs?

The price of our product is the price for signs only, and the pillar and installation costs are separate.

How long does the product production take?

  • Product manufacturing takes about 2 weeks from purchase orders. Please contact us for further details because each product is different.
  • When we have to produce a difficult pattern that is different from the standard model, a large sized sign, or if the order quantity is very large, it may take more time to produce.

How is the maintenance of luminescent type optical fiber products achieved?

  • Our products can be damaged because they use electricity, electronic elements and parts. However, we can fix thoroughly and promptly because we design, manufacture, inspect, and ship our products to minimize the possibility of failure.
  • And since the company is specialized in the production of luminescent type signs, we have installed many products nationwide. Our people and vehicles are traveling for new installations and maintenances anywhere in the country, so we can promptly react to failures.