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Solar fiber optic luminescent sign

Configuration & Principle

Solar Module : Solar Power

LED : internal light source

Optical Fiber : Optical Transmission & Sign Pixel

Retroreflective sheet : Background surface

Fix the end of the fiber along the pattern of retroreflective sign and induce light from the internal LED to the optical fiber to emit light


  • By maximizing power efficiency with fiber optics,
    long-term function is maintained even with small amount of generated power of small solar module
  • Due to the selective use of ultra-high-brightness LED devices and the robust durability of optical fiber,
    stable operation is maintained for at least 10 years


Politic effects

  • No sign information distortion due to partial failure
  • Acquisition of effective authority with high quality
  • Minimized adverse effects such as power waste, electric shock, light pollution, pests

Driver perception

  • Excellent distinguishability and attraction without dazzling
  • Provides superior visibility and reading distance
  • Overcome whiteouts (light spread) during fog / rain
  • Overcome diffused reflection of signs by dew condensation

Installation and Operation

  • No electricity input installation required
  • Outstanding durability / stability
  • Maintainability
  • Maintain retroreflective function in case of failure

Composition of product

  • Patent No. 10-1511049
    Light emitting type sing using optical fiber
  • Patent No. 10-0934624
    Self-luminous road sign and its manufacturing method
  • Patent No. 10-0612475
    Optical fiber holder for advertising device using optical fiber

Control flow diagram