• Maintenance

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Product warranty

Warranty period / scope

  • Guaranteed at least 10 years of long life with proven maintenance capability
  • Continuous warranty responsibility execution for all products installed so far
Warranty periodFree of chargeChargeRemarks
Within 5 yearsReplacement of consumables for defective productsPattern damage repairConsumables: Battery/LED, etc.
Damage: should not be owner’s fault
5 to 10 yearsProduct defect repairReplacement of consumablesIncluding vehicle / service fee
After 10 yearsAfter the inspection diagnosis, agreement must be reached on the scope of the repair and the costDetermination of price based on agreement
  • Consumables life: Battery (2 ~ 3 years), LED (5 ~ 10 years)
  • Damage not caused by owner’s fault: Alteration and repair of signs without the owner’s consent. Damages and defects caused by natural disasters, vehicle accidents, destructive actions, etc.

Warranty contract

  • Under the purchase contract, a period of five years is designated according to the ordering agency’s request, and a free contract is concluded.
  • Issuing / submitting warranty certificate