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Traffic safety signs


Speeding over driving ability

– Improved road infras

– Raised speed limit

– Improved vehicle performance

Distracted driving by fatigue, drowsiness and etc.

– More dangerous than drunk driving

– Cognitive disharmony of navigation information

Increased night driving

– Spatial expansion of social activities and urbanization

– Socio-cultural changes

Decreased perception due to dazzling

– Deteriorated peripheral vision by increased dazzling factors

– Increased number of elderly drivers

Night traffic accidents increasing (mortality rate 54%)

‘The need for a clearer and more readable road information sign come to the fore’

Pedestrian safety

Driver safety

Innovation in traffic safety

Expected effects

Prevention of traffic accidents

Reduced traffic accidents

CO2 zero

Low carbon green growth

  • Improvement of the road sign information perception of the driver who is vulnerable to accidents at the time of night and bad weather
  • Reduction of structural risk in frequent contraflow accidents by building driver-centered sign system
  • Adverse effects (power consumption, installation / operation, acquisition of economical investment with the guarantee of the most stable luminescent quality without light pollution)


Caution sign

Regulation sign

Instruction sign

Secondary sign

Installation example