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    Thinking for people, with our best, consistently

Company introduction


People-centered, devoted, consistent

AL tech Inc will always think for road and people, we will try our best to make products and provide consistent impeccable maintenance service

Al-tech is a specialist in fiber optics and LED combing technology. We are also professional Fiber optic & solar powered traffic Sign-board (FOSS) producing corporation that researches small self-running solar power generation/store sector and ICT fusion compound in traffic area.


Business Areas

FOSS (Fiber optic & solar powered traffic Sign-board)
It is a road sign that has fiber optics follow the sign’s words or shape so that it leads the LED light from the interior.

Interior light signs sign
It has interior light and has semi translucent material such as metacril on the outside so that the face of the sign lights up during the night time.

Rectangular Solar array LED beacon
It uses solar power so that it doesn’t need conventional electricity to run it. Additionally it uses magnifying lens so it emits light widely.

Research development
Through an endless technology and product development we ensure that our service satisfies the consumers! In order to increase our key technology and business we are trying our best in R&D.

Oversea business
Through the participations in consortiums and exhibits we were able to export solar fiber optic luminance signs, first in this industry! We are trying our best through our actions and challenges to become a global corporation.